Dental Implants

Replacing one or more teeth, using medical grade titanium screws and crowns to build a fully rehabilitated denture, using either single, partial or full dentures to restore a complete smile. This procedure can also be used as support for an upper or lower complete denture.

Root Canal Therapy

It is a pain-free procedure to remove the dental pulp in order to preserve the tooth that otherwise would have to be removed, allowing reconstruction and rehabilitation. Make an appointment with our dental experts for a wholesome evaluation.

Zirconia Crowns

One of the best options in dental aesthetics, this treatment offers high similarity to natural teeth and is use to replace missing teeth or previous metal crowns, this crowns are highly resistant and natural looking.

Plata Dental Care has been serving patients for over 30 years. Fully bilingual attention and we accept Dental Insurance from USA.

Dr. Ernesto Plata

Certified Dentist and Dental Implants Expert

Dr. Ernesto Plata stands out for his professional and caring practice since 1988. With fully bilingual attention, he believes that doctor to patient communication has been the foundation for a trust-based relationship with his patients across the United States and Mexico.

With a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from Baja California´s University (UABC), he is also a professor in the same institution, teaching anesthesia, among other subjects for 29 years. Also has postgraduate studies in Dental Implants.

Dental Reviews

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